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The Omokage mask has 12 layers of Taiwanese paper, each of which represents a single month of a tree’s memory. ‘Omokage’ is a Japanese word meaning a vestige or an image of somebody who no longer exists. ‘Omo’ means face; ‘kage’ means shadow. The history of this paper museum inspired the use of this word in the exhibition concept. Paper is one of the first external storage devices. Now that most people are connected to the internet, we have started fusing our memories with its gigantic online storage. In the same way that we upload family photographs to the internet, wearing this paper mask is an experiment in synchronising our memories with the forest. Dancing with this mask on is a process in resonating your body and senses with nature, which is an alternative way of saving your identity data. Imagine that there was once a forest where you currently stand. The opening performance and mask making ceremony will be open to the public. We will create a circle and a rhythm as one tribe. Rather than being divided or defined by cultural and political borders, we will all be connected to the same forest.

Miki Tadaima Kadokura
Art Director & Concept Maker. She works internationally with regional business planners, contemporary artists, fashion designers, architects, academic researchers and publishers. 

時間|2018 / 03/ 30 (五) - 06 /09 (六)
地址 | 臺北市中山區長安東路二段68號

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