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When a local (Taiwan) mundane object is picked, and its function, identity and background information is deprived, will it be still appealing to people simply because of its outlooking? What will happen if we just follow this simple guidance to do a series object hunting? What is the difference between what you see and what you know? What is the difference between a functional object and an useless item? Based on what standard do we define a good one and a bad one? What is beauty?

Sometimes we can neglect the common expectation of functionality and will suddenly realize that the authentic nature of things is actually beyond our knowledge. The process of selecting and shopping, these actions are actually the inspirations that excite and encourage us to look for answers. The SENTAKUMONO exhibition will present the purity of objects that is upon your intuition and aesthetic on “object selection”. You will have a very fun shopping experience.





The Simple Society is an international multi-disciplinary design office, based in Berlin and Tokyo. Established by Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein and Miki Kadokura.




RONDADE was established in Tokyo, it explores the artist’s emotion behind the creation. It produces and publishes any kind of product to present the artist without limited way.



Schedule        2016.10.01 — 10.16 (週一公休)

Time               11:00 — 20:00

Opening         2016.10.01  /  15:00 

Address         朋丁pon ding |Taipei city, Zhong shan distrcit, Zhong shan north                            road, section 1, alley 53, no.6, 2F

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