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DAN TOMIMATSU is a product design studio in Japan established in 2009. 


DAN TOMIMATSU designs products in daily living by emphasizing on, in addition to the products' convenience, the function of products working on human mind.


 The product provides with the shapes to essential beauty and collective memory that are not often realized in pursuit of necessity in our lives and stimulates the awareness.


The minimal style on highly refined craftsmanship is designed as a "long-term product" that enhances richness of our everyday lives.DAN TOMIMATSU presents designs that, instead of building the alternatives, create opportunities to realize (or discover) the potential in the existing environment.







UNBOUND is the first collection of Δ DAN TOMIMATSU.


※ Δ is a jewellery line from DAN TOMIMITASU products.

Δ is a Greek word and origin of English word “D”.

DAN TOMIMATSU works for Δ as a very private and personal thought.


UNBOUND collection consists of the Items RUBBERBAND,LIBRA,PIN,TAPE,SPRING.

All items are inspired from a products to keep.

All items are remade from precious material like 18K Gold,10K Gold with original shapes.

Reporducted items lost an original actual function.

But still UNBOUND products reminds the original function of it and what is for.

So when people see and wear it, this shape mentally works as a original products.

UNBOUND jewellery keeps something mental for user.

and it helps to encourage people’s life.



Date              2015.03.20 — 03.29

Time            12:00 — 21:00

Address       61note台北市南京西路64巷10弄6號 B1







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