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This world becomes like sticking with a screen protector when the colorful daily life fades out. Those sceneries which were existing in memory have cross the reality and transform into a graphic design like visual effect, and keep repeat the playing in the brain. The artist – Go Itami, he magnifies the unconsciousness like life scenery, through the unique color combination and the strong tension of image structure, it create a chance to let the viewers can search the reality part and possibility from the memory.


After Mr. Go Itami finish the solo exhibition in Berlin and Tokyo, 「NEW TACK」is his first solo exhibition in other Asia country. We expect this exhibition can provide the viewers a new way to experience the possibility of Go Itami’s artworks. 




Go Itami was born in Tokushima, Japan, 1976, after graduated from college, he start to learn photography by himself. He starts to cooperate with independent book shop and galleries after won the Canon Photography Awards in 2004. He and publisher work together to published limited photo books such as 「MAZIME」(2010)、「study」(2013)、and「study/copy/print」(2014). He joined Paris Photo and New York Art Book Fair in 2012 to expend his field and got positive feedback. Go Itami will release his new photo book – “This year’s model” in “NEW TACK” exhibition in Taipei.


This year's model

This year’s model is published by independent Japan publisher RONDADE in 2014, designed by edition.nord and print in Taiwan. This book collects Go Itami’s new art work during 2014, and the concept of book design will provide the reader a new way of experiencing his artwork.



Exhibition date                 2014.10.15 — 10.28

Exhibition time                 11:00 — 19:00

Opening party                   2014.10.15  /  19:00

Artist tour guide                2014.10.15  /  20:00

Address                            Woolloomooloo。Xhibit

                                            5F, 385 Xin Yi Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan 110

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RONDADE was established in Tokyo, it explore the artist’s emotion behind the creation. It produces and publishes any kind of product to present the artist without limited way. According to the music producing background, it starts to present artist by producing and designing CD. Now it began to publish more art related publications as an independent publisher, and then becomes a brand with new concept which is without limited presentation way.


Design Issue

Design Issue was established in 2013 from Taiwan. Company concept is based on selecting product which combined the element of art and design. Company operates independent brands by distributing products, planning exhibition, organizing event and crossover cooperation. It is the duty of Design Issue to search original inspiring products and developing a new way of presentation. Among the existing society and commercial market, Design Issue target to create a new field of design market and present a new concept of value to the society.


Shimokitazawa Generations

Shimokitazawa Generations was established in 2007 winter. It is not only a book store, but also a publishing studio combine with the function of book planning, selecting, editing, and design. It breeds the new culture scenery by presenting art related books, photo books and independent publications from Japan, Europe, and Hong Knog. The studio was founded by David and Monique, and Monique is responsible to select books and operating Shimokitazawa Generations. It held more zine and magazine related event and exhibition during these years. The Shimokitazawa Generations book store is different from other chain stores, it is more focus on the sense of book selecting, the deep of esthetics and raising the young original spirit.

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