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TURTLE  藝術商店

TURTLE 是由DESIGN ISSUE製作的藝術商店企劃,和各類空間跨界合作,企劃屬性




- 福爾摩沙藝術博會 藝術商店 (誠品行旅)

- 薄霧書店 藝術商店

- 田園城市 藝術商店 

TURTLE is an art shop produced by DESIGN ISSUE, The selection focus on the artistry of product from art, design, and craft. The visual of TURTLE is a turtle shell, in this shell space which people can feel different atmosphere and time slow down.

TURTLE constantly cooperate with shop, gallery, event, museum as art shop to introduce different forms of art product. Provide product select and exhibition shop cooperation.

- Art Formosa art fair art shop

- Misty Book Store art shop

- Garden city art shop



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